What Is Husky Sizing In Men?

Finding the right pair of jeans for your little man can be challenging. But when it comes to finding the perfect fit for a big boy, sizing can be even trickier.

For boys that don’t fall into traditional men’s sizes, there are special “husky” sizes available. But what exactly is husky sizing? Husky sizing refers to clothing designed specifically for larger boys and men who may have bigger waists and larger legs than those found in standard sizes.

These pieces are made with extra room so that boys of all shapes can feel comfortable, look their best and move freely throughout their day. Husky sizes generally start at size 8 and go up to size 20 or higher, with waist measurements usually ranging from 22 inches to 38 inches. With this range of options, big boys should find something that fits them perfectly!

Husky sizing is designed for men who have a larger waist, longer inseam, and broader shoulders and chest. This size typically falls between the regular sizes of men’s clothes and the larger “big & tall” sizes.

Husky sizing can be confusing to some shoppers because there’s no standard system of measurements across brands. But with a little bit of information about husky sizing, you can easily find the right fit for your body type. 

What Is Husky Sizing In Men

What is Husky Sizing?

Husky sizing has been used for quite some time now. It is a term assigned to clothing items specifically designed for boys who have grown out of traditional boy clothes sizing. Husky-sized clothing has opened up a new market of clothing that caters to the needs and wants of boys who do not fit into standard boy sizes.

The husky size market offers an array of fits, fabrics, and styles that can suit any young man’s preference. Many brands are designing their own lines of husky apparel with stylish cuts and contemporary colors that provide comfort while expressing individual style.

Youthful designs meet the needs of growing boys while making them feel confident in their size-appropriate options.

Husky sizing provides an inclusive solution for young men as they transition from traditional boy sizes to adult menswear.

There are different husky sizes available for men and kids. Most sizing charts are the best option to choose the right size for everyone of any age. 

Sizing chart:

M HUSKY (10 /12)9-10 yr52″ – 55″29 1/2″29″31 1/2″87 – 9025 1/2″
M HUSKY (10 /12)11-12 yr56″ – 58″30 1/2″30 1/2″33″96 – 10527″
L HUSKY (14 /16)12-13 yr59″ – 61″32 1/2″32″34 1/2″109 – 12028 1/2″
L HUSKY (14 /16)14yr & up62″ – 63″34″33 1/2″36″109 – 12029 3/4″
XL HUSKY (18 / 20)14yr & up64″ – 65 1/2″35 1/2″35″37 1/2″136 – 14630 3/4″
XL HUSKY (18 / 20)14yr & up66″ – 68″37″36 1/2″39″136 – 14631 1/2″

What Size Is 20 Husky in Men’s Jeans?

When it comes to waist size, a 20 husky is considered on the larger side. Generally speaking, this corresponds to a 14-16 in women’s sizes. For example, if a woman has a 36.5-inch waistline, she would typically be considered to wear a 20-husky size.

The 20H size has a slightly larger waistline measuring 31 1 2 to 32 inches, with its seat measurement ranging from 38 1 2 to 39 inches, and an inseam of 31.5 inches. It’s important to measure accurately to ensure you get the right fit for your body type when shopping for husky jeans!

However, exact measurements will vary from person to person and can depend on other factors such as height and body shape as well as clothing style preferences. Certain brands may also have slightly different sizing than others in terms of what constitutes a 20-husky measurement for both men and women.

It is important to check each brand’s individual sizing guidelines before making any purchases of clothing or accessories that need an accurate waist size measurement.

Boys 20 Husky Shorts

It’s important to note that there are differences between brands when it comes to finding the right size; some brands may run larger or smaller than others.

To ensure you’re selecting items with a 33-34 inch waist, look for specific sizing information on the product page or try measuring different garments at home.

Additionally, many stores have experienced staff members who can provide advice on selecting sizes and offer fitting options as well. 

Tips To Find Out The Husky 

Finding the right size is an important part of clothing shopping. It can make a difference in how your clothes look and feel and ensure you get the most out of your purchase. Here are some general tips for finding the right size:

If you’re between sizes, always choose the larger size. It’s better to have clothes that are a bit too big than too small – you can always tailor them to fit if necessary. Additionally, certain fabrics will shrink with washing or dry cleaning, so it’s important to consider this when selecting a size.

If you’re unsure about your size, take measurements at home before attempting to buy clothes online or in stores. Measure yourself around the chest and waist for tops, and around the hips for pants or skirts.

What Size is 18 Husky in Men’s Jeans

When converting from boy’s husky sizes (which are usually sized in waist measurements) to men’s jeans. For young men who are looking for a good fit in jeans, an 18 husky size is an ideal option. With a waistline of 30 to 31 inches, these jeans provide plenty of room and comfort with a slightly looser fit than traditional men’s sizes.

The length of the pant legs can vary depending on the material used but typically measures between 37 and 37 1/2 inches.

This size is designed to accommodate those who may have broader hips or thighs than average, as well as those who want their jeans to fit without feeling too tight.

Many popular brands carry both adult and teen sizes in this category so shoppers can easily find what they need for their individual measurements.

For those seeking more details about sizing options for 18 husky jeans, there are plenty of online resources that provide information about different fits and styles available from various brands.


In conclusion, husky sizing for men is a great way to find clothing that fits well and looks good. Husky sizes offer extra room in the seat and thigh, providing an alternate option for those who find traditional sizes to restricting.

Knowing that size 20 Husky is equivalent to a Men’s size 38, and a size 18 Husky is equal to a Men’s size 37, can make the decision process much easier. 

Whether you’re looking for trousers or shirts, it’s important to know your measurements before making a purchase. With this information, you can easily find the right style of husky clothing that fits your body shape and size.


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