Do Wrangler Jeans Shrink?

Wrangler jeans are known for their durability, which is why many people opt for them when looking for a pair of flexible jeans that can easily be paired with any style of outfit.

However, one common question asked by consumers is do Wrangler jeans shrink. Fortunately, the answer is no – Wrangler jeans are designed to resist shrinkage and keep their original size even after multiple washes.

The tendency of shrinkage will depend on the type of cotton used in the jeans. Shrinking wranglers are also affected by heat settings and warm water.

Generally speaking, if the cotton content is less than 1%, then it will not shrink as much. However, if it’s more than 5%, then you may find your Wrangler jeans shrinking considerably after washing them a few times.

When cotton shrinks, it tends to lose its shape and fit as well due to hot settings. As such, it’s important to buy Wrangler jeans that have a good fit when purchasing them.

Avoid buying them too tight or too loose so that they don’t end up shrinking too much in length or width when washed at home.

If you do find yourself with a pair of shrunken jeans, try using cold water for washing and drying on low heat to prevent further shrinking from happening again.

Do Wrangler Jeans Shrink

Do Wrangler Jeans Shrink?

Yes, wrangler jeans shrink because they are made up of stretchy material. The fabric used in Wrangler jeans also contributes to their resistance to shrinkage.

The denim material has a higher degree of elasticity than most other fabrics, meaning it won’t lose its shape easily over time or after washing. This ensures that your Wrangler jeans will fit comfortably and look great every time you wear them.

Moreover, because they are pre-shrunk prior to being sold, the risk of further shrinking is eliminated completely.

Do Wrangler Jeans Shrink On Washing?

After the first wash, wrangler jeans shrink between 7-10 percent if you have done with long cycles. Wrangler jeans are not preshrunk. They are made up of 100 cotton.

The fabric of these jeans is designed to adapt to the wearer’s body with each wash and use. The strands tighten up, giving it a better fit on your frame as well as an overall smoother look.

The shrinking process does not stop at the first wash; subsequent washes will further shrink the jeans for a snugger fit and look. Although this provides convenience for finding that perfect-fitting pair of jeans, it can also be frustrating if you are unaware of how much they will shrink after washing them.

To make sure your jeans do not become too small, remember to buy them one size bigger than you usually would when purchasing Wrangler jeans.

Do Wrangler Shrink In Width And Length?

It is expected that Wrangler jeans shrink by an average of 5 inches both in width and length. The degree of shrinkage may vary depending on the fabric type and washing method used.

Generally, 3-4 out of every five pairs of Wrangler jeans may shrink slightly more than 1 inch in length but will still keep its original size in width. To minimize the chances of unwanted shrinkage, it is important to wash these jeans with cold water and hang them to dry instead of using a dryer.

This will ensure that the garment retains its shape and size after multiple washes. Additionally, pre-shrinking treatments can also be done before wearing or washing for further prevention against shrinking.

Do Wrangler Flex Jeans Shrink?

Flex jeans are made with a blend of cotton and spandex, which allows them to move easily with your body. This gives them an advantage over other types of trousers that can shrink when they’re washed and worn, as flex jeans tend to keep their shape better and they shrink less than others.

The great thing about Flex jeans is that they will stretch slightly when you wear them, allowing for a more comfortable fit. This also helps prevent them from shrinking too much if washed incorrectly.

However, it’s important to note that the fabric used in Flex jeans is still prone to shrinking if not washed properly or stored correctly. Therefore, it’s best to carefully follow the care instructions on the label to ensure your Flex jeans don’t shrink in size.

Additionally, air drying is recommended over tumble drying as this will help reduce any potential shrinkage from occurring due to heat exposure. 

Why Do Wrangler Jeans Shrink?

When jeans are exposed to heat, the cotton material that Wrangler jeans are made of will shrink in size. This is because the heat causes the fibers of the fabric to contract and form a tighter weave.

Additionally, when washing your Wrangler jeans in hot water or putting them in a hot dryer, they will also shrink. The same can be said for any other type of clothing made from cotton or linen materials.

It’s important to note that shrinking is not permanent and once you have laundered your Wrangler jeans using cold water and low heat, they should return to their former fit after a few minutes out of the machine.

However, if you continue to wash them with hot water or put them in a hot dryer every time you launder them, this could cause more shrinkage over time which cannot be reversed without buying new jeans altogether.


In conclusion, it is evident that Wrangler jeans do shrink. The size of the shrinkage varies depending on the individual fabric blend and the washing instructions.

With this knowledge, you can now make an informed decision when considering a pair of Wrangler jeans: buy true to size, adjust your laundering methods, or take special precautions before wearing them for the first time. A little bit of planning will ensure that your Wrangler jeans fit perfectly and last a long time.


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